Neon Rabbits

Neon Rabbits
‘Neon Rabbits’ is a new online game that has old school style of game play. The crazy psychedelic arcade game is all set to be a smash hit. The neon graphics and the many colors used in the game works a magic to make the game unbelievably attractive. 
Playing the game, the player is required to use the green blocks as fast and as effectively as possible to bounce the Neon Rabbits. Playing for high scores, the player can unlock bonuses that will surely help boost the scores. It should be mentioned that the game is really hard to play but thankfully, the only control needed to play the game is the mouse of the computer. It could take you a while to get the hang of the game play but once you do, you are very likely to get addicted to it. 
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Pursuit Of Hat 2

Pursuit Of Hat 2

If you have played the first edition of the game, you really do not need the introduction of this game and the main character featured in this game. However, for those who have somehow missed it, let it be known that this is a game that best fits in the puzzle-adventure category. The game is very enjoyable and one of its main highlights is its neat presentation. The smoothly flowing graphics of the game only does a world of good to the game. There are 25 levels in the game and that is to ensure that the fun of the game play is not short lived.


The main character of the game is crazily fond of his hat and nothing in the world can keep him away from getting to his hat. In fact, he is more than willing to tear apart his body parts if that is what hinders him from getting to the hat. However, the character seems to be alien to this world and that is why he needs help from a human to help during his pursuit of hat. That is the main reason, he looks up to you with great anticipation and hope. You ought to help him. Ah, we hope that you do not expect things to be easy. It may seem easy initially but as the levels of the game increase, be assured that it will not be easy anymore. Helping the character reach the hat in each level is what forms the game play.


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Bubblenator is an exclusive presentation of and this popular bubble shooter game comes with such newness that you will most likely get addicted to the game play. The game is also available for your mobile device and that should interest you all the more.


In this game called Bubblenator, you are going to be using the cannon to launch attacks on the approaching waves of bubbles to pop them out before they reach the restricted zone on the other side of the screen. The earnings made by popping out the bubbles can be used to purchase more weapons to become more effective during the bubble popping tasks. The controls are not complicated and that is what you expect from bubble shooting games. Here you will be using the mouse to play the game.


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bubblenator-screen-02 bubblenator-240x240

Top 10 Online games 2014

Top 10 Games 2014

I have been an ardent follower of and that is because I know that here I will always get some new games to play and more importantly, I will always get high quality games to play. However, my personal favorite games on the site are the ones exclusively launched by Here I would like to mention 10 of my favorite games.

Bunnyland : There are three stars and a carrot to be grabbed in each of the 21 physics puzzle based levels of the game. Make use of the unique abilities of the rabbits to accomplish the task in each level of the game.



3D Tow Truck Mania : The incredible graphics of this Unity 3D game makes it a very special game. The game will see you drive your tow truck to take part in the races across various tracks. Speedy driving is what the game play demands.

Anti Meow Force : The battle is inevitable because Professor X is determined to restore normality to the fish population even if it means fighting the powerful enemies and the epic boss to get through the 18 stages of the game.

Lil Red Kanoichi : This ninja game contains 27 distinct and increasingly difficult levels. The ninja character in the game has to move, jump, climb, and take down encountered enemies to get through each level.

Trigger Happy : With limited shots in each of the 20 levels of the game, you will need to hunt down characters on the play screen. Follow the textual hints on the screen while taking part in this puzzle based shooting game.

Adventures of Harry : Use the fan to guide the mouse to the mouse hole in each level of the game. There are pieces of cheese to be collected on the way to the mouse hole but more importantly, there are spikes and dangers to be avoided during the flight.

Super Marshmallow Kingdom : There are 10 action packed levels in this game. The toast, which is the main character of the game, has to dodge the sky falling enemies sent to take him down. Survival becomes increasingly difficult for the toast but he is not going to give up.

Ziva : Playing through the 30 levels of the game you are supposed to guide the character and his clones to reach the crystals. The puzzle game will have you use the copy and paste mechanics to successfully guide the character to the crystals.

Eldorado Deadly Trip : the guy in the game finds himself in a maze that has so many paths and so many locked doors. He has to move around with the objective of getting out of the maze. Some of the tasks he will be performing are collecting useful items, unlocking doors and eliminating monsters with the objective of getting out of the maze.

Hidden Valley Ninja : The ninja hero in the game dares to travel the different areas in spite of knowing that he will face hostile enemies at every step. He will be using his skills and weapons to take down all the enemies who come to hinder him from moving forward.

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Bunnyland fun physics skill game online

Bunnyland fun physics skill game online proudly presents to you their latest exclusive game that is titled Bunny Land. The game is based on physics puzzle concept and its brightly colored presentation does make the game a treat to play. There are 21 levels in this mouse play game and players can be assured that the fun of playing the game will last for a long time.



As a player of the game, you will need to solve the puzzles keeping in mind the different abilities of the bunnies featured in the game. The challenge in each level of the game is to get the bunnies to reach the carrots that are not always in easy positions. The bunnies will also need to collect the three stars in the surrounding. The challenge may be easy initially but as the game progresses, the difficult does creep up requiring the player to think harder. It is a must-play online game for all those who are looking to play games that offer relaxing fun.


Follow the link to begin playing Bunny Land right away. Visiting will make available so many other incredible online games.

bunnyland-screen-04 bunnyland-screen-03 bunnyland-screen-02 bunnyland-screen-01 bunnyland-400x400-purple bunnyland-400x400-all

Triviador United States of America

Triviador United States of America

Here comes this brilliant game titled ‘Triviador United States of America’. Just about everything in this particular online game is worth praise. There are scoring complexities, which is too small a thing to worry about. Apart from the stand out graphics, the concept of the game is in itself worth applause. The game so brilliantly mixes ‘Trivia’ with ‘Strategy Game Elements’.
Triviador USA game

Here in this multiplayer game, the player will be up against two other real players from any random place on earth. Each of them will be answering to the questions put before them and simultaneously setting up the basses. The war later will be for the ultimate dominance. In the first segment, the player will be taking part in the trivia will have to show his vast knowledge by answering correctly or at least as close to correctness as possible. In the second segment, players will have to use exceptional strategies to outthink and outperform opponents and emerge victorious. There are bonuses and boosters that can be of great assistance and they can be availed from the marketplace. The game is expected to be liked by players from all age groups excepting very small kids. Over all, this is a must play online game.

Triviador USA multiplayer game

You can play this game by following ……. or you can visit the site where you can find Triviador United States of America and many other very interesting online games.

Triviador USA

Inferno Legend game

Inferno Legend game

You must have played so many interesting games that are being released online but Inferno Legend, the latest game presented by GameBox is definitely a game that stands out. This unique RPG lets you choose one of the devil races and start playing the game. The fight will be against the humans who claim to be the authorities of justice.

Inferno Legend game

The game from Unity 3D platform has stand out 3D graphics and wonderful arts that make the gaming experience very special. Apart from the unique concept of playing as the devil from darkness, the game has some other interesting features such as different pets, player arena, random generated battles, exploration system, and miracle system. The addiction level of the game is amazing and the entertainment that it offers is simply awesome.
The popular and cool game is available on PC, IOS and Android. You must not miss the opportunity of playing this cool game.

Inferno Legend game

Play the game at Now Gamez here and have fun playing this awesome game.

Inferno-Legend-Game2 Inferno-Legend-Game1 Inferno-Legend-Game3